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Agarwood Feng Shui

Treasure Pot

Nine Purple Fire Luck 2024-2043

Plant the life base [Agarwood Feng Shui Treasure Pot] to start your 20-year fortune – Good luck, make a lot of money, meet noble people.

Agarwood Feng Shui treasure pot brings you good luck for life and prosperity for your family.Agarwood connects the three realms, agarwood positive energy, agarwood spiritAgarwood Feng Shui treasure land, agarwood spiritual energy of heaven and earth, agarwood spiritual land, outstanding people


Planting life base is the "foundation of life"

Absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth, bury your skin, blood, teeth, nails, clothes, and birth date in a Feng Shui treasure land, in order to have good luck, meet a noble person to enhance your fortune, turn the tide, and prosper for generations.Hair, clothes, nails, birth date, etc. are buried in a lucky land and correspond to the earth’s energy, so that the individual’s life genes can absorb the earth’s magnetic field, the positive energy of the aura effect, and the energy of the universe, thus making people’s spirit, energy, and spirit prosperous.”The body’s vitality is greatly increased, the body is healthy, and everything is auspicious.”

Agarwood Feng Shui Tree

The gene of the “Agarwood Tree” can create a positive energy magnetic field, using the great energy in the environment of the Feng Shui treasure land to make up for the defects contained in the subject’s destiny or eight characters.The Agarwood Feng Shui Tree uses the powerful Feng Shui power of the BBB Centennial Agarwood Mountain and has been recognized by famous masters. By using the Feng Shui magnetic field of nature, a person’s life can be improved in all aspects, such as enhancing wealth, career, health, family relationships and overall luck.

The nine fortunes of the Year of the Dragon create a foundation of health and start your 20-year fortune

Zhongshengji is an ancient and orthodox Feng Shui fortune-enhancing method, which aims to improve people’s fortune with the help of natural forces. It uses the principles of Feng Shui to integrate positive energy into life and improve people’s spirit, health and wealth. Site selection and operation require the guidance of a professional Feng Shui expert and should not be superstitious. Only by treating it rationally and applying it scientifically can it truly be effective.

The key points of the seed foundation are as follows:

8 Benefits of Planting a Life Base

1. Prolong life
Keep your body healthy and your mind open-minded,
2. Strengthen the spirit
Strengthen the body and spirit, and enhance positive energy.
3. Change your destiny
help those with deficiencies in their congenital horoscopes and improve their inadvertent fortune.
4. Promote official status
Improve official luck and popularity.
5. Adding wealth
Improve children’s fortune and career fortune,
6. Increase good karma
Improve popularity and marriage.
7. Accumulating yin virtue
Doing more good deeds and accumulating virtue can double your blessings.
8. Life-saving
You can save your life in case of an accident (get through the hard times)

Planting a life base is the most effective Feng Shui method to change your luck It helps people improve their luck and bring them more blessings and longevity.

Who needs to plant life base?

Poor destiny, weak luck, frail and sick, poor marriage, poor financial resources, career difficulties
Suitable for both men and women

The basics of planting the life base for five age groups

  • Children plant the life base, and they will be intelligent and virtuous
  • Youth plant the life base, and they will be happy and healthy
  • Middle-aged people plant the life base, and they will be safe and wealthy
  • Old people plant the life base, and they will be healthy and long-lived
  • Planting a life foundation for a hundred years, living a good life and ending in prosperity for the future