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Carbon Neutrality

We Green The Earth

What is a Carbon Credit?

A carbon credit represents a reduction of 1 metric ton in greenhouse gas emissions to compensate for 1 metric ton of emissions made somewhere else. A credit can be bought, sold or traded before it is “retired,” meaning it cannot be traded again, assuring that only the buyer can claim emissions cuts associated with that credit.

Carbon neutral, also known as carbon emission quotas, work like emissions permits. When a company buys carbon credits (usually from the government), they get a permit to produce one ton of carbon dioxide emissions. With carbon credits, carbon revenue flows vertically from the company to the regulator, though companies that end up with excess credits can sell them to other companies.

Green Earth, Green Carbon Reduction, Green Economy

The biggest wealth outlet in the future (100 trillion)8 billion people in the world must consume carbon assets (carbon rights). Now everyone who buys a plane ticket must pay for carbon rights.

2015 Paris Agreement

In response to climate change, 197 countries held the 21st meeting in Paris on December 12, 2015 and adopted the Paris Agreement. The parties to the agreement pledged to limit the global temperature rise to within 2°C this century, while seeking measures to further limit the temperature rise to within 1.5°C.The Paris Agreement officially came into effect on November 4, 2016 and is a legally binding international treaty.