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Key Business Venture

BBB Group

Agarwood Pavillion

Retailing, Franchising, Trading

Agarwood Pavilion is the retail and distribution arm of the group; the retail arm allows the Company to acquire, to develop and to market valuable Agarwood products to the collectors and end users. The Pavilion also acts as a gathering and communication point for all members, customers and friends to congregate and appreciate the gift of nature; the Agarwood.

Agricultural Cultivation & Development

Agarwood, Durian, Agricultural-technological advancement

Agarwood, Durian, Agricultural-technological advancement

The Group focuses in 2 main key aspect; 1st being the physical development that the company has been developing thus far, i.e. Agarwood plantation, tropical fruits cultivation, honey bee cultivation and sapling cultivation for expansion of both Agarwood and Durian plantation. Next are the technological knowhow, knowledge and technical aspect of Agarwood cultivation and other agricultural venture that the Group has developed; a key element in agricultural development the Group can capitalize in is by collaborating with land owners (government and private) and to provide such knowhow in the form of consultation and plantation management, collaborating with world renown experts and growers.
The Group believed in formulating sustainable growth model and the development of the industry as a whole. Through this Malaysia and all Malaysian shall once again shine brightly as the leader in producing premium agricultural products.


Distillation, Research and Development, Processing

The Group envisions establishing a state-of-the-art Distillation facility as the jewel of the Company, a facility that Malaysia can be proud of; establishing Agarwood distillation facility in producing Premium OUD oil. Complementing the main effort, the Company wishes to produce and sell Agarwood Chips, Agarwood powder, Agarwood essential oil, Agarwood art and craft pieces; exquisite standard of products bearing house brand to the global market.

Supercritical CO2 fluid extraction

This is the essential oil extraction method used by our company. Why choose the supercritical CO2 extraction method?

Currently, the method of extracting agarwood by steam distillation is a commonly used method for extracting volatile oil of Aquilaria sinensis. The active ingredient is easily destroyed and volatilized, and takes a long time. There are also extractions using organic solvents such as gasoline or petroleum ether, which present flammable and explosive dangers and organic. Solvent residue problem. In addition, the concentration of essential oils in Aquilaria sinense is very low, and the oil content is about 3/10000, and the specific gravity of agarwood is about 0.2 kg/L. These characteristics all make it difficult to overcome the difficulty of extracting the essential oils of the scented oil. The huge investment in equipment and labor costs.

The technical problem of the supercritical CO2 extraction method is to provide a safe, efficient, high extraction rate and low cost process for extracting essential oils using supercritical carbon dioxide.

1. CO2 is environmentally friendly and does not generate waste.

CO2 is present in both soda and human metabolism and is generally recognized as a safe substance.

2. Aseptic and bactericidal

3. Non-flammable, non-corrosive, chemically stable

4. Low cost

It can be obtained in large quantities, free from the influence of the petrochemical industry, and can be stored in liquid form.

5. Low temperature extraction

Low critical temperature (31.7°C) prevents thermal damage and maintains biological activity.

6. Solvent-free residue problem

Carbon dioxide alone and recovery, the extract without solvent residue.



BBB Success Academy, Lifelong Training Programs

BBB Groups believes in the continual nurturing and development of each and every of our members for this is the only path towards sustainable success of the Group and our human capital. We provide trainings, coaching, dialogs and seminars; with the aim of nurturing a society that continues to evolve towards a developed and an advance society.

Network Marketing

A people-centric business model

BBB Group’s business activities values and centers around ‘People’; where ‘People’ are always prioritized. Network Marketing business model encourages communication and interaction of people; through this business are given ‘life’ and is ‘valued’. Our Network Marketing provides another channel for our members to reach out to the masses; to educate, promote and profit from our core product of Agarwood.


Online business, Online Retail, Apps

With the development of internet and its popularization, virtual platform is highly demanded and a necessity to any forward-looking company, including BBB. The Group will continue to develop and strengthen the virtual platform as an avenue to promote our in-house products and services, our house brand and to promote the Group through creative advertisement, communication and trade globally. The Group’s virtual platform will capture and reach customers that beyond conventional medium and will serve as a tool in promoting the Group and its services to the world.


Writings, Design, Publishing research reports, marketing and distributing books, magazines and articles

With the shift towards knowledge-based economic environment, the Company wishes to impart critical knowledge of Agarwood, business management, business philosophy to all, especially to our valued members of the group where we believed life-learning is a path towards sustainable success. The Company is to produce and to publish quality books and publications spearheading a new economic change in this 21st century. The collaborations with experts, researches, academician of Agarwood and agricultural industry, experts in various fields of works allows the Company establishing strategic positioning and obtaining privy information in providing such services that is cost effective and uniquely critical to the development and expansion of the industry.


Tour, Travel, Ticketing, Agricultural-Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Hospitality

Malaysia is unique with her demographics, untouched forest reserve, flora and fauna, agricultural activities and sunshine; where nature, the offer of heritage area and the urban living combined, Malaysia offers the one and only tourism experience to the world. The Group offers our unique Agarwood plantation and our orchard as a unique tourism destination to those far and wide.