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Agarwood Tree

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Estimation of the oil production of a 7 years old Agarwood tree.
Estimation of the resinous Agarwood production of a 7 years old Agarwood Tree.
OUD Oil Calculation
2-5 Tola (contains 24-60mL)
OUD Oil Calculation
2-5 kilograms
Profit Calculation
360-900 USD / tree
Profit Calculation
1200-3000 USD/tree
Used as a raw component for high-end fragrances by fashion brands such as Dior, Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent and Estee Lauder, it also used in soap making and aromatherapy essential oils.​
A 7 years old Agarwood tree can produce 2-5kg of resinous wood chips, a total worth of 1200-3000 USD.

The Rarity of Agarwood

The agarwood tree is an endangered species. Only 2% of wild agarwood trees are infected by fungi and produce agarwood. Therefore, finding agarwood is easier said than done, and its price is naturally extremely expensive. Artificially cultivated agarwood trees take at least 7 years to grow enough to harvest agarwood. This period requires huge investment, including various costs such as water, electricity, local taxes, pest control and manpower. Moreover, in the face of growing overseas markets such as Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates, there is a high demand for agarwood from all over the world. Global demand for this product has grown significantly over the past 30 years, causing the price of agarwood to rise.

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