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Health Series

BBB Agarwood Products


180G x 6BOXES HKD168.00 RM88.00

Quick-cooked noodles with high nutritional value and delicious taste, good color and taste, endless aftertaste, crisp and refreshing, fragrant and mouth-watering. After eating the agarwood noodles, the fragrant mouthfeel left a thumbs-up.

  • No colouring
  • No preservative
  • Vegan Friendly


ATP (75g x 3Pcs) HKD168.00 RM 118.00

Shining Teeth with Confidence Everyday!

Our Agarwood Toothpaste takes care of your gums and assists in your overall gum health by reducing bacteria in the mouth and creating a clean gum environment.

Agarwood Toothpaste is gentle and is suitable for sensitive teeth.

Agarwood Hand Sanitizer

AHSS (100ML X 10PCS) RM 180.00
AHSG (300ML X 10PCS) RM 380.00

Protect Your Family, Especially The Little Ones!

Our Agarwood Hand Sanitizer offers protection against 99.9% Bacteria, and contains non-drying ingredients, moisturizers and vitamin E.