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Meet Our Founder

of BBB Group

I‘m Dr. Tony Yap.

Founder and Chairman of BBB Group


Malaysia is a land of dreams and opportunities; a land that is blessed with sunlight, rich soil and clear water, and most importantly the warmth of souls living on this land.

BBB Group of companies is fruition of my lifelong endeavour; an endeavour that was nurtured and strengthened, and still is by the contribution of each and every member of the company and our family members. For which I extend my heartfelt gratitude.

Since 2014, when we first sowed the first seed and sapling of Agarwood on Malaysian soil, we have grown to be one with more than 100,000 Agarwood trees and increasing by the days. Each and every tree not only has the love, care and the values it possesses, it encompasses the element to bring about a brighter future for Malaysia and mankind.

We have now stepped into an era of great change; a change unlike any other in the last 1000 years. Technological advances in all aspects of our life beyond our wildest imagination, a once room-filled-computer is now transformed to the size of our palms; scientific discoveries at an exponential speed where minute particles are discovered that is packed with energy and resources not previously known to man.

Agarwood provided us with a ‘Life-Changing’ opportunity we so earnestly long for; its properties contribute to the betterment of pharmaceutical-advancement, perfumery industry, as an offering to the divine and therapy to man; while concurrently greening the land; providing us with the lifeline in reversing the effect of global warming and providing us with precious oxygen for humankind’s continual survival. And in the process of the above, we are rewarded with precious financial returns in allowing us to put this reward into greater use for the good of mankind and nation building.

My dear friends; walk with me; be with me; let us built an establishment that will shine the path of growth and greatness for you, me and the many generations to come. My sincere and profound gratitude to your participation in this great work.

Dr. Tony Yap
Founder and Chairman
BBB Group